Cooking with stainless steel is a real pleasure every day. Resistant and offering healthy cooking, stainless steel is today a material offering real comfort during its use.

However, stainless steel utensils sometimes require vigilance to avoid damaging them and some practical advice could be useful to you.

Do not overheat your utensil

Although stainless steel is durable, special care should be taken when preparing to cook with it. In fact, you should avoid heating your stainless steel utensils when empty. In general, we recommend heating at the maximum power of your hob divided by two (if your hob heats up to 8, preheat your pan to 4).

Clean your utensil healthily

To clean your utensils, nothing better than clear water and a little dishwashing liquid. You can also obviously put them in your dishwasher. However, do not use strong, aggressive detergent or worse… bleach.

In fact, this can eventually perforate the stainless steel. If small “bites” appear on your utensil, this is already a bad sign and the start of a reaction on the stainless steel following the use of bleach.

Be careful with the use of salt

Salt can cause small marks to appear on your utensils if it is not used correctly when cooking. We always recommend bringing water to a boil before adding and making sure to mix well.

Undissolved salt at the bottom can stain your stainless steel.

To conclude, treat your stainless steel with care! It will make it wonderful for you because we know how much we enjoy cooking with it today!

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