Privacy Policy


We are Kamberg France, a brand of the company Cash Impact SAS and we process your personal data.

The Cash Impact Company is domiciled at 9 rue du Pilier – 93300 Aubervilliers – France. To contact us regarding your personal data, write to us at mentioning “Personal Data” in your subject so that your request is processed as a priority.


Your data is used to manage the creation of your customer account, your orders and/or product returns and to answer your questions via our online form. Your data is also used to send you our communications, once you have registered to receive them.

Certain information may be required to be collected in order to ensure the proper processing of your orders, such as the delivery address or your first and last name.


Your data is transmitted exclusively to our service providers who are responsible for delivering your packages.

We do not sell, rent or transmit your data free of charge to third parties.


You can, at any time, access your data and modify or delete it.

  • Editing data

Log in to your customer area to modify all your personal data at any time.

  • Data protection

Write to us at mentioning “Personal data” in the subject and tell us the subject of your request in the body of the email. You can request, at any time, a report of the personal information we have and store.

  • Right to be forgotten

Exercise your right to be forgotten if you wish to remove your personal data and all related data that we hold on our site. We draw your attention to the fact that the use of this right will involve the complete and definitive deletion of your customer account.


A “Cookie” or tracer is an electronic file placed on a terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and read for example when consulting a website, reading an email, installing or the use of software or a mobile application, regardless of the type of terminal used (source: law).

Cookies are therefore a kind of device allowing information relating to the behavior of a person who browses different websites to be recorded. They are sometimes necessary to ensure the proper functioning of a site, in particular to facilitate navigation on a platform, but can sometimes be added in order to analyze behavior in more depth and then be able to reuse the data collected in order to offer targeted advertising. For example.

There are several types of cookies, namely: first-party cookies and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are sent by the publisher of the site on which the person is browsing, while the third-party cookie is sent from a device that is not managed by the site publisher.

Cookies are necessary on our online store to ensure clear, simple, fast and efficient navigation. We also need to collect your essential information to ensure the proper processing of your orders.

By collecting certain information, we will be able to improve our user experience. Indeed, this collection gives us valuable information about a person's journey on our online store (time spent on a product page, for example).

The site may automatically collect standard information. Any information collected indirectly will only be used to track the volume, type and pattern of traffic using this site, to develop the design and layout and for other administrative and planning purposes and generally to improve the service that we offer you.

The following cookies are present on this site:

Google cookies:

– Google analytics: allows you to measure the site’s audience;

– Google tag manager: facilitates the implementation of tags on pages and allows you to manage Google tags;

– Google Adsense: Google advertising agency using websites or YouTube videos as support for its ads;

– Google Dynamic Remarketing: allows you to offer dynamic advertising based on previous searches;

– Google Adwords Conversion: tool for monitoring Adwords advertising campaigns;

– DoubleClick: Google advertising cookies to display banners.

Facebook cookies:

– Facebook connect: allows you to identify yourself using your Facebook account;

– Facebook social plugins: allows you to like, share, comment on content with a Facebook account;

– Facebook Custom Audience: allows you to interact with the audience on Facebook.

The lifespan of these cookies is thirteen months.