When it comes to cooking your meat, whether white or red, there are plenty of options available to us depending on the dish and individual tastes. But there are a few little tips to keep in mind to always successfully cook your meat.

White meat or red meat, cooking does not differ greatly. The cooking method will especially be different depending on the recipe.

In principle, rapid cooking is suitable for pieces of meat that are very tender. Slow cooking will cook a piece a little harder. Adding sauce will even allow the pieces to become tender.

  • How to pan fry or grill your meat?

When it comes to pan-frying or grilling your meat, you should opt for a non-stick pan or a grill that you have heated well beforehand. This way, the meat will be seized and the juices will remain locked in for a juicy and tender result.

Grilling allows the meat to cook very quickly and without adding fat. Pan frying allows you to sear the meat over a fire and then cook the piece according to your desire or the needs of the recipe.

  • How to properly roast your meat?

To roast your meat properly, the first thing to remember is that you must do it uncovered. Preheat your oven before putting your meat in.

For white meat, we recommend cooking it between 130° and 250°.

For red meat, we recommend cooking it between 190° and 280°.

The longer the meat cooks, the more tender it will be. It's all about patience after all!

  • Cook braised meat

To succeed in this type of cooking, you need a well-oiled casserole dish and brown the pieces. You can add onions, white or red wine as well as herbs and aromatics as desired.

Then cover the meat with liquid and leave to simmer. The longer the meat cooks, the better it will be. This is THE secret for this type of cooking. The meat must be able to cook for a very long time but over low heat.

You can even turn off the heat, let it cool and then light the fire again.

  • Boil your meat

To boil your meat, nothing could be simpler than immersing your meat in a liquid and letting it cook for a very long time over low heat. If white scum rises to the surface, consider removing it using a skimmer.

To conclude, white meat or red meat can be cooked in different ways depending on your desires and your recipes. One thing is certain, let your meat rest at room temperature before eating it: it will be even better!

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